Luke Burrage’s New Juggling Case

Juggler’s have always been such do-it-yourselfers. We are always fascinated to see how different jugglers create and build the props they can’t just buy from Dubé.

In this video, Luke Burrage demonstrates how he prepares a new juggling case for his show. We appreciate how great Luke is at documenting his life as a professional juggler, and here we are given a glimpse of the blood and sweat that go in to prepping his show.

Check out this video of one of Luke’s recent street shows in Poland to see the case in action.

Dubé Steps Up Digital Game

Dubé has recently stepped it up in the internet department . . . and we love it!

A few juggling equipment companies have started a blog or posted some videos, but Dubé has decided to attack the internet on all fronts. Last week the great people at Dubé sent out an email officially introducing the world to their new Facebook page, YouTube channel, blog, and Twitter feed.

Since juggling is such a collaborative art form, it makes sense that juggling and the internet would go together. We’re proud of Dubé for committing to meet jugglers in all of these social media platforms.

Dubé has been supplying jugglers with equipment and training materials since the mid ’70’s and have always seemed to stay at the forefront of innovation, quality, and professionalism. This big step into the Web 2.0 world continues that legacy of leadership we have come to expect from them.

Here’s a video recently posted on the Dubé YouTube channel. It’s an introduction to the world of cigar box manipulation.


I just got 1.6lb ExerBalls for my birthday. What better way to gain a little muscle than by juggling! I’m also  hoping that building some upper body strength will help me with 5 club and 7 ball endurance. Lately I’ve been dropping 5 clubs merely because my arms get tired.

I’ll let you know how they work out.

(If you’re looking for more exercises to increase your juggling ability check this out. Or for something a little more entertaining try this one)