Making of Austrian Juggling Commercial

Curious what it takes to produce a juggling commercial? Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the work that went in to making theĀ  Noem Mix Trinkfrucht commercial we posted about earlier this week. It’s fun to see the junior actors entranced by their juggling colleague.

Austrian Juggling Commercial

Commercials that feature juggling make us happy. Sure they’re ripe for awful cliches and false juggling stereotypes–so many clowns!–but we still like seeing the Juggling Subculture represented on the small screen. Here’s a new one we found. It’s an Austrian commercial for some sort of super fruit drink called Noem Mix Trinkfrucht. It stars juggler …

Commercial Juggling

Once in a while an ad executive gets a great idea for an advertisement that involves juggling. Here are two recent examples from Burger King and Visa. These commercials are interestingly similar even though they represent completely different products. Notice how juggling is associated with success, efficiency, and intelligence.Hmmm.